Dr. Kristin provided immediate relief from a severe neck/shoulder pain that was keeping me from being able to work comfortably (glued to a computer all day). And again, for a chronic low back issue. In 30 years, I have never had relief so quickly and lasting. If you want quality long-term relief – Dr. Kristin is your choice!
— Mark G, New Mexico

Dr. Kristin Rabai did an incredible job treating an arm injury I’d been suffering with for over 4 months. Dr. Rabai was able to quell the pain and increase mobility in my arm after two intense treatments of meridian therapy, cupping, and deep tissue manipulation. She also improved mobility in my neck and lower back with chiropractic adjustments, allowing me immediate relief from the pain. Three weeks later, I’m still pain-free, able to bear weight on my arm and get back to normal activities. Thank you, Dr. Rabai!
— Vicki M, New Mexico

In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. I was as bothered by the name as by the symptoms. Western medicine says that although there is no cure, a person could live with it for a long time but would eventually die of liver failure. I am a young hearted 58 year old and wanted another alternative. I met with Dr Kristin Rabai in February and we got to work. After seven months, I had a second ultrasound and there was no evidence of Fatty Liver Disease. Thanks to Dr. Rabai for treating me as a whole being and helping me find this healing path.
— Jill L, New Mexico

When I think of Dr. Rabai, the words ‘wisdom’ and ‘magic’ come to mind.” In my experience, she possesses a rare combination of technical, medical and intuitive skills. Along with her treatments, Dr. Rabai shared many tips that helped me to ease back and pelvic pain on my own and improved long-standing digestive issues. She is not about the hard sell, but about learning, growing and helping. To me, she is an irreplaceable physician and a true healer.
— Liz Meyer in Portland, OR

In our short time together, you’ve managed to eliminate numerous nagging allergies that had plagued me my whole life. It’s amazing to see my symptoms disappear & I applaud your efforts to stay in the forefront of 21st Century healing technology.
—Randy Jensen, Omaha, Nebraska

I am writing to thank you with all my heart for the wonderful treatment with which you have effected such a great improvement in my health. You are the best physician I have known in all my 67 years, and an exceptional healer.
—Patricia Roussis, Lincoln Nebraska